Southern Missouri Heritage Academy

Heritage Academy is an educational ministry arm of Liberty Faith Bible Church, where we provide and offer an educational experience that trains and educates the whole person...the HEART, the HEAD, and the HAND.  
We Seek:
  • to promote love....for God, neighbor, and country
  • to make the Word of God and our Lord Jesus Christ, the foundation, authority, and center of all learning
  • to promote a personal faith in Jesus Christ as Creator, Savior, Redeemer, and King
  • to instill a Biblical Historic Christian World View
  • to promote Christ-like character and values
  • to glorify God in all we teach and do
  • to provide and promote ministry oppurtunities in serving God and others
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What's Happening?

Event Calendar

Heading 6

           A.C.E. Class

            Abeka Class


       Bee Keepers

      Cooking Class

Wood Carving Class



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